American Angler Challenge

American Angler Challenge

I am competing in the American Angler Challenge this weekend. You can sign up and fish here. This is open to anyone in the US over the age of 18. You can fish almost anywhere.

We hit a canal at 6:10AM this morning. The one along Alligator Alley. It was 73 degrees again I believe and raining when we got there. I threw in about 4 casts with a Horny Toad and the mosquitos were so bad we had to leave and go to Walmart and buy bug spray with DEET. We got back at about 7:10AM and I switched to a Gold Shiner BPS Shadee Shad. I had a few bites but none of them were taking the bait. I was putting it around slop by the reeds or along the other bank and working it with a double or triple tap every 4 seconds.

We also had two gators checking us out and coming up near us so there was a little caution since it is mating season. I had a big bass fly up and hit this Shadee Shad hard. He missed the bait. He came by again and missed it again! Finally, he took one more shot at it and I could see his size. He was about 25″ and still missed the bait! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t see him or feel him again.

I switch to a spinnerbait (3/8 oz black/red with 2 Colorado blades). I really need to work on my technique with these. I didn’t feel comfortable so I put a purple ZOOM U-Tail worm with a 1/16 oz bullet weight. I got a small 12″ bass. I was surprised at how dark he was, he was also a fighter.

I went on to a white ZOOM Super Fluke. I put this parallel to my bank and I had a bite so vicious it almost ripped the pole out of my hand but I missed the hookset. I caught another smaller bass and that was about it for the day.

Hopefully, the fish are a little more cooperative tomorrow as the tournament ends tomorrow. You can see the displeasure on my face haha!


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