Evening Escapade

Evening Escapade

I decided I wasn’t quite done for the day and Emily and I needed to head to Wal-Mart. I figured I would swing by an area I have been seeing for some time now. We got there at about 6:30pm. It was partly cloudy with a passing drizzle or two. The temperature was about 88 degrees and the water was pretty clear. There was some hydrilla and the bottom was either rocky or dense mud, depending on what part you fish.

I initially started off with a tequila ZOOM U-Tail worm that I already had rigged from earlier. I worked it for a little bit to no avail and decided to start working the slop. I put on the BPS Lazer Eye Mouse (I really want to get a bass with this thing!) and I worked the slop parallel to the bank, still nothing. I continued on up to the North end past the bend to where there is a bunch of rip rap. I could stand at the point and cast from the outer point to the inner point and work it through the slop in 2 areas. I wasn’t getting any hits.

Now that I was at the North end of this canal I-75 drives right over the canal. I figured since it was so hot out and the sun was out I would work the dark and deep areas in the shade under the bridge. I put on a white pearl ZOOM Super Fluke. I worked this real slow, weightless. Still didn’t get any bites. I could see a few bass, but they weren’t interested at all. I slowed my presentation way down, but I think the color may have been too bright. I switched to my black and blue 3/8oz rattle trap jig. This was way too heavy and was catching all the rocks. I only made about 3 casts with it.

I felt like the fluke was the way to go, but the color was too bright. I put on a BPS Shadee Shad in Gold Shiner color. I also put two size B split shots about 12″ up the line. I worked this under the bridge and all around that area to no avail. By this time the sun was going down, but it was still hot and I figured Emily wanted to leave. I took all my tackle to the car and told her I was just about done, I just wanted to check down the canal.

I went a little further South and it looked a little shallow but there was a good amount of hydrilla on each bank with no slop. I could also see a boil or two every few minutes. I figured I would work it a little with the BPS Shadee Shad. I saw two big trails come to investigate the object. After two more casts, one finally bit. I was, of course, a little impatient and thought I had all the slack reeled in. Since I am using monofilament it likes to stretch when I set the hook. I pulled the lure right out of his mouth. I was pretty frustrated but at least by this time (7:40ish) I knew they were biting as it was full cloud cover and the sun was setting.

After a few more casts one of them bit in the same area again. This time I reeled in untilĀ  I could feel the full weight of the fish. I am always afraid of the bass spitting the lure, but if your presentation is good and it is a quality lure, you have at least 3 seconds. Once I felt the full weight I set the hook hard. He started darting all over like I had a Marlin or something on the other end. I let him tire a little and started bringing him in. He flew up out of the water, about 2.5-3 feet. I thought for sure he would spit my hook. I got him in finally and lip landed him. Emily got this picture and I put him back in. The only problem was the hydrilla was so thick he wasn’t going anywhere. I slid back down the bank into the mud again to ease him in. He finally darted off and it was time for Emily and me to leave.

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