Frogs and Lizards

Frogs and Lizards

We had a pretty big thunderstorm last night. I wondered how this would effect the fishing. It was 71 degrees according to my car and partly cloudy. This morning I hit Webb Lake at 6:35AM. I have just purchased some lizards and frogs and wanted to try them out for the first time.

I started in the first Marl Pond. I had a texas-rigged pumpkin seed 4.75″ worm on the line. I made about 3 casts or so and I had a horrible tangle from line twist. I tried to get the mess under control, but, it was pretty bad. I decided it was time to respool with some new line anyways.

I drove off to the stop that has a hill and parked there. It was 6:50ish by this point in time. After putting on a fresh spool of 12# clear BPS Tournament Edition monofilament (I had it for some reason, decided to try it out) I was ready to go. The change in line was a great choice, although the 12# was a little thick. I put on a watermelon ZOOM Horny Toad (texas rigged weightless). I walked over to the right. There is a pool with some weeds and lily pads and I tried casting parallel to the shore across this pool. This was pretty uneventful so after 10-15 casts I tried casting to the other bank. Still nothing.

I changed my lure to a red shad ZOOM 6″ Lizard on the same hook (3/0 Eagle Claw Lazer-Sharp EWG red worm hook) and t-rigged it weightless also. I tried this in the same spots as well. Still nothing, so I moved to where I was parked. I tossed the lizard parallel to the shore again bringing it slowly through some weeds. There is usually a 1.5lber here, but, I usually only get him to bite at night. My presentation with the lizard while weightless is to bring it in slowly while barely twitch the rod at 10 o’clock. This slight twitch keeps the tail and legs moving. I will also pause every couple seconds to let the lizard drop a bit.

I wasn’t getting any bites so I figured I would move on to another area, it was about 7:50am by now. I picked up some trash left behind by other anglers and headed off to the middle boat ramp on the lake. As soon as I pulled up a 6-7′ gator was sitting in the water at the ramp (the lake is only about 25-30′ across in this area) and he quickly disappeared. I decided to fish anyways as I saw a gator head about 15′ from where he was. I was hoping it was the same gator. I cast out twice before this gator became interested and started to head my way. I decided to pack up and go to Marl Pond 3. I think it is gator mating season and I don’t want to take any chances.

I started off on the west end of the pond in the section with lots of lilies. I tried the lizard on the lilies and bringing it back to shore. This didn’t work either. The only time I got any bites was casting parallel to the shore. I could see the bass up along the shore but all were too small to eat the lizard. I fished the whole bank and decided to go back to the frog.

The Horny Toad had the same success as the lizard. I had one bite, but again, it was a fish too small to actually get the frog in its mouth. I know this because I could see it along the shore. There were some fish out in the center of the pond that were extremely active. I believe they were eating minnows. Maybe I should try some flukes here in the morning.

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