Nice fish and got a kayak…

Nice fish and got a kayak…

OK, it has been really hot down here in SWFL and rainy. I haven’t made it out fishing very often in the last month or so. I did get to go out 4th of July weekend and caught a ton of little 1 pounders in a golf course lake in Orlando. They were biting a Super Fluke all day long.

Recently I went out to a canal along Alligator Alley in Naples. I was out at about 7am until 1:30pm. I had no bites until about 11, the temperature by that time was about 95 degrees and clear skies. This also fell on the best day and time to fish according to the lunar tables. It was a New Moon and the moon was above from like 11-2:30.

I decided I wanted to work on a few presentations. Early in the day, I pulled out a black and blue jig with a black and blue craw trailer. I lost patience and kept trying a few other things. I also wanted to work on a Carolina-rigged Lizard. No success with that either. I think a lot of it was the location. By 11 I moved to another location which was right in front of the Collier County Landfill.

By the time I got here I decided I was going to catch fish on a tube. I have had a set of tubes since 2007 and rarely fish them. When I do I have no confidence and really didn’t know what to do with them. Today I was taking control. I grabbed a pumpkin tube (matched the bottom of the canal at this part) and Texas rigged it with a 3/0 hook and a 1/8oz bullet weight pegged at the top with a little split shot. I would drag it across the bottom just hopping it a little. I started bringing in a couple small guys. I was fishing around a tree that was in the middle of the canal. There were also some cichlids and tilapia. The cichlids kept biting my bait and I decided to move up the canal a little.

This time I kept using the tube and could see the bass. There would be a small one with a medium sized bass and both would go after my tube. Every time the small one was winning. I was starting to get upset but remembered I just bought some Culprit 7.5″ ribbontails (junebug color).

I texas rigged a Culprit 7.5″ with the same weight (1/8 oz) but the weight wasn’t pegged. I started throwing this in some real shallow areas and it was still getting hit by small guys but they could only grab its tail so the hook wasn’t setting thankfully. Finally, I throw out and get a big one on the line. I bring it up to shore realizing how large it was for the small canal. There was about a 5-7 foot set of weeds and brush in between me and the water so when I lifted the bass up and over this I thought I was going to break my rod!

It was a funny sight because there were all these garbage truck drivers who saw the whole ordeal and were yelling out the window and honking their horns when I brought in the bass. I was lucky to get it in because the small 3/0 hook barely caught him in the bottom of his lip. I switched to a 5/0 but didn’t have any more success in the next 45 minutes and called it quits.

I also forgot to mention that I switched to fluorocarbon before the Orlando trip. I absolutely loved using it as it was a completely different feel and I did not miss a single hookset over about 8-10 fish that day on the fluke. I did, however, start to get some line twist when I went out this second time and it ultimately came off completely. Luckily I backed my reel with mono and only had about 50-60 yards of fluoro on the reel. As you can see the line clearly retained memory as it remained spooled after coming off the reel. This was Trilene professional grade 100% fluorocarbon. Maybe I will try some line spray to prevent the line memory for next time. I was pretty upset over the ordeal but kept fishing anyways as this happened at about 10am.

I also purchased an inflatable kayak. I took it out one time so far, I just haven’t had time lately for anything. I am moving et cetera so hopefully, I will have a review of it in the near future. Until next time, keep your lines tight and rods bent!

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