Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

Yesterday morning I went out to Webb Lake and fished Marl Pond 3. I was out there at 6:30 which is about 10-15 minutes after sunrise. The temperature was 73 and there was about 400% humidity. It was partly cloudy and it did not rain the previous day.

First cast in was on the east end, I put a watermelon ZOOM Horny Toad right along the reeds. I had a bass grab it as soon as it hit. I waited and reeled in the slack and then set the hook about 2-3 seconds later. It was about 1.5 lbs. I tried a few more casts but no luck.

Next I switched to a black 3/8oz spinnerbait with two colorado blades. I worked this with a slow retrieve in the middle of the pond but no luck. I switched to a wacky rigged Shadee Shad in the Gold Shiner color, no luck. I switched to a ZOOM tequila U-Tail worm weightless. This brought nothing again, although a big 2.5-3lber did scoot out of the way when the worm went by.

I decided to put on a white pearl ZOOM super fluke as it was about 7:45 now. I went down to the other end of the pond and put a cast back in the lily pads by the reeds. It was immediately attacked by a small 1lb bass so I patiently waited until I felt him completely take it and set the hook. I tried a few more casts in that area and then cast over to the other side of the pond in more shallow lily pads. This got me a 2lber right as soon as the fluke landed. He took about 4-5 seconds to actually take the fluke though. I waited patiently and set the hook.

As you can see reeling in until I could feel the bass and waiting to set the hook worked wonders. I decided to go to the other pond and try out my fluke there before I left. After several casts, about 20 or so I got a reaction bite again when I put the fluke in the middle of some lily pads. This time I was kind of startled by the bite as I wasn’t expecting it and I set the hook instantaneously. This of course ripped the bait out of the bass’ mouth and I did not get the fish. I tried a few more casts and left.

Being patient and waiting until you feel the full weight of the fish is critical. I never realized how important this was until I decided I wanted a better hookup percentage. When I started fishing seriously back in March this year I hooked about 1/4 or 1/3 bites. Now as you can see I am closer to the 80% mark. Patience is a virtue.

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