Replacement Reel and New Threads.

Replacement Reel and New Threads.

Yesterday I brought my MegaCast reel back to Bass Pro Shops even though I wasn’t necessarily pleased with it. I decided I didn’t want to buy a new spinning reel yet and I might as well have this one replaced so I have a backup down the road. They replaced it no questions asked, so this time I will be keeping an eye on the bail screws.

While I was at Bass Pro I knew I would need more line after rigging this spool on the new reel. I was only using 10lb test clear monofilament so I decided to go with the Bass Pro brand. I typically go with the Bass Pro brand because I get more rewards points and it is usually cheaper and pretty decent quality. I noticed it was made in China. While walking down the aisle I noticed Berkley Trilene was actually the same price and same amount. I checked it out and it was made in the USA. I then noticed that the Berkley Trilene was also on sale $1 off so of course I picked it up. Although I didn’t get as many rewards points, I saved a dollar and it was made in the USA. I will try to pay better attention to this in the future. That’s one reason why I really like ZOOM plastics.

I also got my LL Bean Flywaters Shirt. Now that I am writing this I am glad I did order it. I just looked it up and they no longer have it on the website. Anyways, this shirt is awesome. It is UPF 50 and has that cooling technology as well. I also got it in Sage, which is like an olive drab color so it doesn’t stick out as much when bank fishing. This shirt was only $40 and is excellent quality. Since I won’t be worrying about sunscreen now I am sure it will pay for itself in no time.

Update: If you are looking for that shirt they do have a camo version with their insectshield built in. I think I will be purchasing one or two of these shirts since I like the other one so much!

Elimitick Crewneck Camo Shirt

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