Take care of your equipment

Take care of your equipment

I only use my BPS Combo rod and reel for bass. I have a trout rod and a crappie rod, but since both are ultralights I choose not to use them. Although this rod and reel combo is pretty awesome for the $30 I spent on it 5 years ago, it is not amazing. Recently I snapped the rod and took it back to Bass Pro Shops and they replaced the combo with a newer combo, the MegaCast spinning combo. The new rod is amazing, however, I felt like I got a reel that was not as nice as my previous reel.

In the past I have had a lot of issues with losing lures. I fixed that by learning how to tie proper fishing knots. I have had issues with lures getting hung up or breaking line. I fixed that by rigging weedless when necessary and using the proper line for whatever my application is and properly setting the drag. I began having issues with line twist and learned to spool the line properly and manually close the bail instead of automatically. None of that would help me today.

Today I was out, getting ready to fish the eclipse, when I got ready to make a cast. I flipped the bail and thought it felt weird. I looked down and the bail had separated from the reel. I noted that a screw had become unscrewed and grabbed the screw to fix the situation. Of course once I touched it it fell to the ground. I began searching for this 2mm screw in the thick layer of pine needles. A few fire ant bites later I decided to call it quits. As I stood up I noticed the screw. I grabbed it and started to screw an oddly shaped lockwasher on it. Sure enough on the walk back to the car the weird lockwasher fell to the ground. I could not find it.

The moral of the story is: take care of your equipment. Had I taken this reel apart weekly I would have noticed the loose screw. I would have been able to fix it and keep my equipment in excellent condition. I would have been out there fishing this afternoon. I am sure I will be able to put it all back together even without the washer, however, I am sure this will greatly reduce the life of this bail hinge. Tomorrow I will be cleaning all of my reels thoroughly. Lesson learned.

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